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The Stars and Lights project began in the fall of 2013 with a simple photographic study of an unassuming lighthouse near our Rhode Island home. It has grown into a collection of more than 150 lighthouses primarily throughout the Northeast and in more than 17 states including those of the Great Lakes and Gulf States. Along the way has been wonderful cooperation from private landowners, US Coast Guard personnel, local city and town officials from mayors to managers to harbormasters.

In December 2017, the first book "Stars and Lights: The Darkest of Dark Nights" was released to critical acclaim, and it has won numerous national and international book awards. The Stars & Lights Project has been adopted by the United States Lighthouse Society, and David Zapatka has been named an Ambassador for the organization. We hope to continue the night photography on the national level, and soon the entire collection will be available through the USLHS website.

The Massachusetts collection is of all the active lighthouses in the state. In June 2020, we completed the quest by reaching Long Island in Boston Harbor, a journey taking four years to accomplish. We believe this is the only such collection of the state's historic structures ever accomplished. I hope you enjoy the gallery and if you'd like prints you can order them directly from me at [email protected]

David Zapatka, June 2020
AnnisquamAquinnahBakers IslandBeverly First Baptist ChurchBird Island Milky Way PortraitBrant Point, NantucketBorden FlatsBoston Harbor Light BellCape Poge Light, Chappaquiddick IslandChatham LighthouseCleveland LedgeDerby St. Warf, SalemEast Chop Light and the Milky WayEastern Point LightEdgartown Harbor LightFort Pickering ReflectionGloucester Breakwater LightGravesGreat Point Milky WayGurnet Lighthouse